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We are expanding our reach and distribution as quickly as possible.  If you know of a store or e-tailer near you, please email us at and let us know.  Check out just some of the places you can find us now.  Thank you for being a part of the FunBites team!


USA                                                                                                NETHERLANDS

Ark Therapeutic                                                                    

Baby Green Bottom                                                                        Stoffenluier

Baptist Health Gift Store (Kentucky)                                               Deleulstelunch                                           

Baby Town (Arizona)                                                                      Pompomswithlove

Bento USA                                                                                      Bliss at Home (Distributor)

Bright and Bold                                                                               NEW ZEALAND

Busy Bee Boutique                                                                          Bubbalooz

Buy Buy                                                                          Bites and Pieces

Casa                                                                                                AUSTRALIA

Changing Hands Bookstore (Arizona)                                             Eco Tums   (Distributor)           

Cheap cookie cutters                                                             

Cloth Bumper Covers                                                                      Finlee and Me

Diapers                                                                                            Trendy Lil Treats                                                               Cool Things              

Foodie Kids Store (Texas)                                                                       

Fun and Function                                                                            BELGIUM                                                                                  The Box Shop

Giggles and Gifts                                                                                         

Golden Touch Baby Concierge

Grace’s Toys and Gifts (Indiana)                                                    CANADA

Hold N Storage                                                                               Bug in a Rug (Distributor)

Jillian’s Drawers                                                                              Lavish and Lime

Kiddie Kastle                                                                                   Raspberry Kids

Kidville                                                                                            Tiny Wiggles

Kinda Crazy Kids                                                                            Scallywags

Knees n Toes                                                                                  Bumble Tree Baby

Luna Bella Boutique                                                                                

LC Pals                                                                                           SINGAPORE                                                                                   

Silly Rhino                                                                                       New Baby Singapore

Naturally Loved Baby                                                                      SimpleThots                                                                             

NCES Catalog                                                                                EUROPE

Obaz                                                                                      (Distributor)

Open Sky

Westview Traders

Green Bambino                                                                              BERMUDA

Soha Living (Hawaii)                                                                      People's Pharmacy

The Fancy

The Therapy Shoppe                                                                     PHILIPPINES

Travel Bug Gifts (New Hampshire)                                                Chubby Cheeks Baby

Yummi Pouch

The Wright Stuff                                                                            SPANISH WEBSITE

Zoolikins                                                                                         Yesimo



Sweet Little Blessings

Cool Stuff Express

Happy Bambino

The Gifted Baby



Green Dazle


Verde Kids

One Step Ahead

Seventh Avenue Gift Shops

Iwoa Specialty Hospital

Bed Bath and

The Freckle Frog

Twinkle Babies

Yesimo - Spanish Website